I am humbled and grateful to have the opportunities to work with some of the most enthusiastic and dedicated students. I am looking for a postdoc in the area of real-time energy-efficient deep learning (pruning, quantization) for mobile, embedded systems, FPGAs, and UAVs. Please see Open Positions for more information.


Michael Batchev (Caltech CS) - real-time object recognition

Arya Mevada (Caltech CS) - explainable AI, efficient neural networks

Jessica Chen (UCLA Computational & Systems Biology) - real-time object recognition

VIckie Do (UCLA Linguistics/CS) - natural language processing, chatbot


Lauren Klein (USC CS) - DSN time series analysis

Alex Sabol (University Texas Arlington) - multi-agent motion planning

Muhammad Adil (University Texas Arlington, currently at Mathworks) - multi-agent motion planning

Jacques Joubert (USC CS) - front-end software engineering

Daniel Lundstrom (USC Applied Math) - explainable AI

Karl Straube (UCLA Aerospace Engineering) - multi-agent systems, reinforcement learning

Sebastian Cevallos (Pasadena City College CS) - precision segmentation, wildfire satellite imaging


Sky Debaun (UC Riverside CS, currently at JPL) - natural language processing, chatbot

Samuel Wiggins (UC Riverside EE) - flashover prediction

Doyoung Kim (Orange Coast College EECS, currently at UC Berkeley) - object detection, image classification

Sarah Eldin (UCI EE) - object detection, data augmentation

Luan Nguyen (UCSD Aerospace Engineering) - object detection, data augmentation

Kevin Yu (Caltech Applied Math, currently at Akuna Capital) - object detection, data augmentation


Dharma Naidu (UCLA CS, currently at Google) - object detection, image classification

Jacob King (UCI Aerospace Engineering, currently at Raytheon) - image segmentation

Kevin Payumo (UCI Physics, currently at Lockheed Martin) - image segmentation

Luis Figueroa (Occidental College CS, currently at Adobe) - image segmentation, data augmentation

Brandon Plihal (UCI CS, current at Facebook) - image segmentation, data augmentation

Dawei Huang (UCLA CS, currently at AWS) - image segmentation, data augmentation

Daniel Ho (USC CECS, currently at Flexport) - image segmentation, data augmentation

Nick Trajkovski (USC CECS, currently at Mathworks) - image segmentation, data augmentation

Joseph Osborne (UCI CECS) - image segmentation, data augmentation


Andrew Ding (Caltech CS) - image segmentation

Madison Lee (Caltech EE) - speech recognition

Brian Deng (Caltech Applied Math, currently at DoD) - image segmentation

Mark Yue (UCI CS, currently at Insellerate) - image segmentation

Landan Seguin (Georgia Tech CS, currently at MosaicML) - image segmentation

Alex Huyen (Cal Poly Pomona CS, currently at JPL) - image segmentation

Jessi Bustos (UCLA, currently at JPL) - image segmentation